Happy 203rd

December 11, 2019

Contact: Katie Webster (202 225 5315)


On this day in 1816, Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th state. As our country faces different issues, we at home in Indiana address these challenges at a local level, as a community, helping fellow Hoosiers get through a crisis. I've met with countless people across Indiana who dedicate their time to bettering the lives of others, by helping our neighbors put a roof over their heads, defeat addiction, or succeed in their career. Take a look at just a few highlights from this year:

Responding to emergencies.
This brave Clarksville Fire crew rescued Levell Washington earlier this year from the Ohio River. I was honored to present them each with a small token of our Clarksville community's appreciation for always being here to keep us safe.

Addressing mental health. Men and women across Indiana, from teachers to first-responders and nurses to volunteers, work tirelessly to provide essential mental healthcare services. At Orleans Junior and Senior High School, students and teachers shared their new teletherapy program, the first of its kind in southern Indiana. Through local partnerships, they can now address the mental health needs of students without having to pull students our of school for the day. Emphasizing mental health in schools is crucial, especially for children who are dealing with trouble at home or have experienced trauma.

Helping build homes. Orange County's Habitat for Humanity recently broke ground on their 30th build. They continue to work hard every day to address the affordable housing crisis and provide safe homes. Thanks for showing me around and for helping make homeownership possible for Hoosiers.

Serving seniors. Roger Shields, an AARP volunteer from Clarksville who has committed his time to serving seniors, stopped by my office to hand me AARP petitions and ask for my help in Congress in making prescription drugs more affordable and protect Medicare and Social Security. Thank you, Roger, for stopping by and for your hard work on this important issue. 

Boosting children.
I sat down with Monroe County CASA to discuss how to better meet the needs of children in our communities and work toward preventative measures for child abuse and neglect.

Advocating for recovery. People Advocating Recovery is part of our strong bi-state effort to help Hoosiers who are struggling with addiction and recovery. Their focus is the long-term support, help, and guidance needed in this journey of self-improvement. 

Helping others succeed. By partnering students with local employers, Atterbury Job Corps in Johnson County works to help lower income or non-traditional students grow the skills they need to thrive in the workplace.

Providing for those in need. I met with the leaders of Brownstown Central High School's Fellowship of Christian Athletes and checked out their project, Shed for You. This amazing initiative offers basic needs, from groceries to toiletries, for the community. Thank you for your commitment to Brownstown!

Bettering the lives of others. The Lincoln Hills Development Corporation is doing tremendous work to address the affordable housing crisis, particularly in rural areas. They're fighting for seniors, those with disabilities, and families struggling to make ends meet to have stable homes where they can build their lives.

Protecting from harm. Turning Point Domestic Violence Services in Seymour's mission: work toward the prevention and the elimination of domestic and dating violence. During our roundtable, Lisa, Mirna, Heather, Charlotte, and Carrie shared their efforts to prevent further cases of domestic violence by having a strong presence in our schools teaching students to be kind to each other, understanding what makes a relationship healthy, and serving as a resource for anyone who might need them. 

Happy Birthday Indiana!

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