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October 4, 2019

Contact: Katie Webster (202-225-5315)


Today is National Manufacturing Day, a day to celebrate generations of Made in Indiana and the men and women who work tirelessly everyday to advance Hoosier innovations.

  B&H Electric and Supply in Seymour repairs motors and serves the needs of local Jackson County manufacturers. They also work
hard to provide skills training to help employees grow and be successful in high-paid, high-skilled careers right in Seymour. 

Throughout Indiana I've met with manufacturers who specialize in steel, motors, car parts, stadium bleachers, and more. No matter their specialty, they’re all focused on creating reliable products, providing Hoosier jobs, and contributing to our southern Indiana economy. 

They're dedicated to their craft and I'm dedicated to working for them in Congress by supporting legislation to keep costs down and keep manufacturing jobs here in America.

  Center Grove High School's Indiana FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics competition
helps students discover and develop a passion for science, engineering, technology, and math. 

A common concern I hear from all employers, but especially manufacturing companies, is that their business is thriving but they don't have enough employees to keep up with the growth. As I travel across the district talking to manufacturers, we discuss how we can get more talent into manufacturing and how we can encourage more people to be interested in and excited about entering these fields.

Manufacturing Day serves as a day to inspire young Hoosiers and share the high-paid and high-skilled opportunities available in this field. It's always great to visit the school programs or community partnerships that give students first-hand experience into fields like manufacturing, engineering, science, and technology. 

 Eagle Manufacturing at Brown County High School. 

Today, I visited Eagle Manufacturing at Brown County High School. This student run business provides machining, engineering, and design services while giving our students a true first-hand experience in manufacturing and business processes.

In Congress, I'm fighting everyday for an economy that will let our local manufacturing industry thrive for generations to come.

Be of good cheer,

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