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U.S. Representative Hollingsworth Visits Geo-Flo Plant
The Wholesaler
by: Staff Writer

U.S. Representative Trey Hollingsworth, Indiana 9th District, visited the Geo-Flo plant in Bedford, Indiana to discuss the state of the geothermal heat pump industry, and Geo-Flo's encouragement to support H.R. Bill 1090. The bill would extend the tax credit for investments in energy property with construction that begins before January 1, 2022. The bill also includes geothermal technology and other renewables left out of the tax credit extension that included solar installations. As of the date of the visit, there were 59 co-sponsors of the bill introduced by Representative Tom Reed of New York.

Tom Wyer, company president, gave a brief presentation, followed by a factory tour. Wyer provided some background on the geothermal industry, and statistics to help provide Hollingsworth and his staff a better understanding of how the geothermal heat pump industry compares to the overall HVAC industry and U.S. manufacturing in general.

“These are good manufacturing jobs, skilled HVAC installation technicians, and heavy equipment operators; jobs that cannot be exported,” stated Wyer.

During the tour, a number of discussions relating to Geo-Flo manufacturing and geothermal technology provided Hollingsworth and his staff with additional details, according to Wyer.

“We very much enjoyed Representative Hollingsworth’s visit, and appreciate his time,” concluded Wyer. “Awareness of how the geothermal heat pump industry impacts jobs, energy, and the environment is good for business.”

This article originally appeared on The Wholesaler and was written by a staff writer.

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