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Financial abuse of seniors has hit a record high. As you settle into what should be your golden years of life, protecting your finances and lifelong savings is more important than ever.

According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. banks reported a record 24,454 suspected cases of elder financial abuse last year, more than double the amount five years earlier. As banks work to address this problem, I’m working in Congress to protect your hard-earned savings:

  • Senior Security Act - Unfortunately, our senior citizens who have spent years saving and investing are losing their life savings and investments to financial scammers. I introduced the Senior Security Act for our Hoosier senior citizens to ensure the hard-earned dollars they have invested in the public markets are protected.

In addition to protecting your savings, I’m fighting to make our Medicare and Social Security programs stronger, so they can support seniors for generations:

In addition to legislation, my office works every day to help seniors who are having issues with VA benefits, Social Security payments, or Medicare coverage. If you or anyone you know are having difficulties cutting through the government’s red tape, please reach out to the Jeffersonville office at 812-288-3999 for assistance. Click here to stay updated on what I'm doing to represent you in Congress

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