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Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to recognize the actions of Clark County, Indiana Sheriff's Deputy Wes Harper.

On the evening of February 21st, Deputy Harper was dispatched to a call for an unconscious person. While enroute, Deputy Harper's dispatcher advised him that this individual was, in fact, a 9-month-old child and it was possible that the child had drowned. Wasting no time, Deputy Harper arrived on scene and scooped the infant into his arms and dove back into the patrol vehicle with an ambulance still minutes away. As his fellow officer drove to Kosair's Children's Hospital, Deputy Harper provided CPR to the unconscious infant. As they pulled into the hospital, the infant regained consciousness and began to breath on its own. The infant was released from the hospital the following day and when asked about how this call had effected his mindset for the rest of his shift, Deputy Harper was, as he always is, humble and expressed how glad and thankful he was that the young child would be alright.

Deputy Wes Harper's quick thinking and selfless action speaks volumes of Clark County's first responders as well as their devotion to Hoosiers all the way across Clark County. His actions are a prime example of the high standards and traditions of law enforcement officers everywhere across this country.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of Indiana's 9th District, I would like to express our gratitude to Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Wes Harper for his life-saving actions and I yield back the balance of my time.

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