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Hollingsworth Says Safety is the Main Concern for Hoosiers
by: Scott Reynolds

He has promised to serve no more than eight years in the House of Representatives.

Trey Hollingsworth, 33, who represents Indiana's 9th District, easily won his first term last fall.

Since his win, he said he hears a common theme from Hoosiers when they contact him in Washington.

“We have this feeling in Indiana that the culture of Washington is separate from us,” Hollingsworth said.

That's why he said he takes time every day for phone calls to constituents in his district.

“Actual real results and demands of the people need to inform the agenda that Washington works on, not the agenda of Washington informing their policies,” he said.

So what is the number one issue Hollingsworth hears about from folks back home? He said it’s not the economy and not healthcare.

“What they say over and over again, is I feel unsafe, I feel like the world is more dangerous than it has been in a long time, how can we put and make sure that Americans are safe, that American interests are safe here at home? And one of those means is to cut finances to terrorists to ensure that ISIS can’t continue to sell oil,” Hollingsworth said.

Replacing Obamacare is at the forefront for Hollingsworth, he said many Hoosiers who have health insurance, in essence, really don't.

“The deductibles are so high it's bankrupting families, the premiums continue to go up, time and time again and the families that think they are covered for something go in and find out that coverage is much more narrow,” he said.

When it comes to President Donald Trump's plans for lower business taxes and fewer regulations Hollingsworth thinks it's the answer.

“How can we get more capital and dollars out to small businesses that want to hire more Hoosiers and Americans,” Hollingsworth said, “how do we get more capital out to Hoosiers who want to start more businesses in garages that eventually become the big businesses of tomorrow?”

Hollingsworth said his family will continue to live in Jeffersonville and they are expecting their first baby.

This article originally appeared on WAVE3 and was written by Scott Reynolds.

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