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Congressman Trey Hollingsworth Says Many Hoosiers Don't Feel Safe
by: Chris Turner

Trey Hollingsworth, the new congressman for southern Indiana, says many Hoosiers simply don't feel safe, and that's why he wants to make sure of immigrants' true intentions at U.S. borders, just as the Trump administration wants to do.

"What I've continued to hear from them is that they are concerned and they do feel unsafe, that they are worried about job prospects in the future, and that they want to get back to feeling like there's a dynamic and growing economy," he said.

Hollingsworth says President Trump's efforts on immigration focus on those people who might bring tangible harm and not all of those who come from other countries.

"We need to ensure that there is a safe and thorough vetting process," Hollingsworth said Wednesday. "I want to ensure that those immigrants are coming here to share in the abundant opportunities in America to share in those liberties and freedoms."

Hollingsworth is the new ninth district representative, now in his seventh week on the job.

This article originally appeared on WDRB and was written by Chris Turner.

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