Rep. Hollingsworth Introduces Lobbying Ban Legislation

October 31, 2017

Contact: Katie Webster (202-225-5315)

October 31, 2017

Bill is the most aggressive and stringent legislation of its type in Congress

Washington, D.C. —
Representative Trey Hollingsworth announced today that he has introduced new legislation that would, if passed, place a lifetime lobbying ban on former Members of Congress. The Banning Lobbying And Safeguarding Trust (BLAST) Act of 2017 is part of Representative Hollingsworth's three-pronged approach to government reform.

"Hoosiers are tired of politicians putting their careers — present or future — ahead of the needs of their constituents," Rep. Trey Hollingsworth said. "This bill is simple: you can never be a lobbyist after being a Representative or Senator. Congress must put Americans first, solve problems for Americans, and improve the lives of Americans."

Representative Hollingsworth's three-pronged approach to government reform contains term limits, the REINS Act, and a lifetime ban on lobbying by former Members of Congress. The very first piece of legislation that Representative Hollingsworth authored was a constitutional amendment levying term limits on members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The REINS Act, which was co-sponsored by Representative Hollingsworth, would institute an up-or-down vote by Congress on any rule by an executive agency with an economic impact of $100 million dollars or more on the taxpayer. The REINS Act passed the House earlier this year.

The BLAST Act will be assigned to the proper committee for consideration.


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