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October 27, 2017

Bill repeals provision of existing law that authorizes firing of non-union employees

Jeffersonville, IN —
Representative Trey Hollingsworth announced this morning that he had added his name as a co-sponsor of H.R. 785, the National Right to Work Act. Introduced by Rep. Steve King (IA-05), the National Right to Work Act removes provisions of federal law that permit the termination of employees for refusal to pay dues to a labor union. Under current federal law, over 7.3 million American employees can be fired unless they pay dues to union officials.

“Hoosiers are the best decision makers when it comes to how their hard-earned dollars are spent. They should have the power to decide whether or not to pay union dues without fear of losing their job,” said Rep. Trey Hollingsworth. “This bill isn’t just about empowering Americans to decide if union membership is right for them, it is about enhancing freedoms for all Americans.”

Speaking on behalf of Right to Work supporters in Indiana, the President of the National Right to Work Committee, Mark Mix, had the following to say upon learning about Representative Hollingsworth support of the National Right to Work Act:

"Polls show that 80% of Americans support an employee's right to choose whether or not they affiliate with a union. Compulsory unionism robs American workers of their freedom, corrupts our political system, and saps our economy of productivity and jobs."

"I appreciate that Trey Hollingsworth supports this commonsense legislation. Ultimately, Hoosiers should not fear for their livelihood just because they don't want to join a union and Representative Hollingsworth understands that," said Rick Lanham, a National Right to Work Act supporter and owner of Worley Lumber Company in Pekin, IN.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Commerce, Right to Work states outpaced non-Right to Work states in private-sector job growth by nearly 4% while keeping almost $2,600 more dollars in workers' pockets a year.


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