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Mr. Speaker,

I rise today in support of the rule and the underlying REINS Act because I was sent to Congress to help hard-working Hoosiers create jobs, keep jobs, and raise wages. As a small business owner myself, I understand how difficult it is to build a business in today's economy and I want the Hoosiers of Indiana's 9th District to have control over their future without fear of unaccountable government bureaucrats with political agendas creating regulations to restrict their pursuit of success.

I believe the REINS Act will ensure the constituents of Indiana's 9th District will not only have a voice but also a choice in the laws that govern this great nation. Hard-working Hoosiers are shining examples of what Americans can do with the freedom to make their own economic decisions and I don't want unelected bureaucrats in Washington impeding the job-creating growth of Indiana's and America's businesses. I encourage my colleagues to vote YES on the rule and YES on the underlying bill. I yield back.

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