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July 27, 2020

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Now more than ever, our country and our federal government should focus on economic growth and a thriving American economy.
In case you missed it, President Trump and his Administration announced an update to a decades-old federal regulation that for too long has delayed local transportation and infrastructure projects by several years. Rightsizing federal regulations has always been a key part of our pro-growth approach to a thriving economy and ensuring the federal government does not get in the way of the success of Hoosiers.
President Trump and his Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) updated the National Environmental Policy Act to modernize the federal environmental review process.
What is NEPA?
The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was signed into law in 1970 and requires an environmental impact review of every project that involves federal funding or permitting, from the construction of local highways and bridges to broadband deployment.

Why did NEPA need updating?
According to the WSJ, in recent years the average review involving an environmental impact statement took 4.5 years, and the final document ran 661 pages long. In one case, a 12-mile highway expansion in Colorado took 13 years to get through environmental review.
Through the federal rulemaking process, the Administration heard from Americans that the 40-year-old NEPA was overly complex, led to unnecessary litigation, and delayed important infrastructure projects.
Why does this update matter to Indiana?
Here in the Hoosier state, the crossroads of America, we're always working to improve our communities and update our local infrastructure. I've had countless roundtables with engineers and contractors who highlight the duplicative and expensive regulation processes they have to go through, long permitting processes, shovel-ready construction sites that remain empty, and countless reports created that end up going nowhere.
America is the best in the world at building from the ground up, and our federal government should not stand in the way of our country's growth and success.

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